Unforgettable Skiing in the Swan

The Alpine and Lupine Yurts are located about .75 miles apart on the Mt. Morrell road. The Alpine Yurt is closer to the open bowl skiing in the Morrell Mountain Horseshoe while the Lupine Yurt is well situated for skiing the glades between the yurt and the Morrell Mountain Lookout.

Alpine Yurt

24' Insulated Yurt with 2 double bunk-beds and 2 futon couches.

$60 per person per night

Weekend Minimum: $360
Weekday Minimum: $240

Lupine Yurt

20' Insulated Yurt with 2 double bunk-beds.

$55 per person per night

Weekend Minimum: $220
Weekday Minimum: $110

Gear Haul Pricing

We will haul you and your gear all the way from the parking lot to the yurts (11 miles on the road).

$350 each way for up to 6 people.

$700 each way for 7 to 12 people.

We have large toboggans to haul your food, gear, and beer that we first bundle up in a tarp to keep dry. We then set out a rope with multiple tow-handles to pull your group: first 5 miles down the Cottonwood Lakes road (slight elevation gain), and then 6-7 miles up the Mt. Morrell road, gaining more than 2,000 feet in elevation.

Gear hauls are optional, and many groups use their own snow-machines and sleds to get to and from the yurts. Depending on what mother-nature throws your way, it can be an "adventurous day" getting into or out of the yurts.

If gear haul is available for your trip, it will appear as an add-on option when you book. It is difficult to schedule last-minute gear hauls, so we ask that you please add a gear haul to your trip at the time of booking.

Save the abuse to your own snow-machines and let us haul, we've got the machines and toboggans for the job!

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